Incredible Twitter thread from Forbes Trump reporter Dan Alexander who digs deep into The New York Times reporting on Trump’s taxes. The bottom line: Trump is on the hook for $1.1 billion in personally guaranteed loans coming due in the next two years. Read the entire thread:


In addition, Alexander points out that digging through the details reveals Trump’s true cash available, and why the recent “leak” that Trump may drop $100 million of his own cash into the campaign was just more Trump bullshit:


There is so much of this story yet to come as more experts and reporters dig into the details of the excellent New York Times reporting. Follow Dan Alexander on Twitter. He’s going deep on this stuff and it ain’t pretty.

The next shoes to drop could include who lent Trump all this money. And even if it was through Deutsche Bank, who backed him in order for the bank to make these loans to a guy who has been bankrupt multiple times and who other lenders wouldn’t touch.

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